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House/Residential or Room Sanitation Services in Gurgaon

Residential/House or Room Sanitation Services in Gurgaon for Patients and New Born in Hospitals & Residences

We provide hygienic house or room sanitation services in Gurgaon to healthcare institutions like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, IVF centers & even residences & apartments, which helps patients to recover fast.


Gurgaon is dusty and dirt harbours many germs. Given the weather, there is a greater hazard of allergies and transfer of germs from one to other. An unhygienic environment can be a serious problem for patients and new-borns as they are highly susceptible to micro-organisms, pathogens, & diseases.

Get rooms sanitized to the letter

If you have come to Gurgaon and taken up a temporary residence here after having been operated, it is important to get the room sanitized to ensure any germs left behind by the previous patient are removed. If you are staying in your own house, getting your room sanitized is again important for speedy recovery. For new borns and toddlers, a sanitized environment is important so that they remain safe from germs.


  • The first step is to remove all dirt from the walls, floor, windows, fans, switchboards and handles.
  • We then sanitise the surfaces using a special disinfectant which removes 99.99% pathogens. This step is optional incase the patient is sensitive to the smell of the disinfectant
  • We go over the all the surfaces using a high temperature steam generator which kills pathogens in hard to reach areas using high temperature.
  • The patient bed mattress and pillow etc are also disinfected with the steam.
  • We also disinfect the curtains in the room
  • For toddlers, the team uses the steam to disinfect the toys also.
  • Once the patient is fully recovered, it is important to get the room sanitized again to remove all the residual germs.

Who should consider using our services?

  • Recuperating patients
  • People with allergies
  • Expecting Mothers
  • Families with New born
  • Families with Toddlers

Get each room sanitized to the letter

The saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not enough to ward off or fight illnesses. In a hospital, patients are already sick & vulnerable to various diseases due to less body resistance. In this case, the hospital staff and managers need to maintain and manage their institutions.

Taking care of healthcare institutions is like running any other business, a hospital needs to deliver hygienic services under proper conditions so that a patient can recover faster, and it also adds up to general appearance and the image of the hospital. A hospital staff consists of surgeons, general practitioners, nurses, ward boys, alternative healers, cleaning personnel & more.

To maintain a clean environment, all these people need to work as a team in using, maintaining and disposal of healthcare products such as syringes, bottles, IV fluid containers, surgical material, gloves, masks, bandages & more. Most of the products are disposable, and should be disposed to hazardous waste institutions for recycling and reclamation of medical waste.

Keep your newsborn safe & healthy

New born children or young children can acquire infectious diseases very quickly as there is very little resistance at the time of their birth. An unhygienic maternity ward can cause harm to the mother and her newborn child, this could create initial health issues leading to terminal or life-threatening diseases. Infection control with a thorough cleaning of the ward and the incubator ward is imperative for all hospital personnel.


Every hospital in the country needs to adopt superior hygienic conditions in terms of health info & protocols, clean practices for surgeries, proper hand-sanitizing, clean equipment with new gloves, gowns, & more. Room sanitization needs to happen on a daily basis for every part of the ward and the contents inside the room as well. Diagnostic and treatment equipment’s have to be kept clean in terms of blood products and medicine as well.

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