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Linoleum & Vinyl Floor Polishing in Gurgaon

Linoleum & Vinyl Floor Polishing- Get a starry shine with sparking gloss

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Linoleum & Vinyl are gaining in popularity in Residential & commercial spaces (especially in Hospitals). These offer durability and design possibilities that are not available in other flooring options.

Linoleum Floor

Linoleum floor is warm underfoot and offers reasonable sound insulation when laid on hard floors. It is naturally hypoallergenic and hygienic with good resistance to wet environments and wet cleaning.

Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Sheet Flooring and Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT) are the most popular types of flooring, both in the commercial and domestic sectors, due to their comparatively low cost and high durability.

Modern vinyl sheet and thermoplastic tiles can be printed in any colour and with a variety of patterns to mimic the appearance of wood or stone. Vinyl is highly resistant to abrasion, making it ideal for high traffic areas, such as supermarkets, where the extensive use of rotary cleaning machines, scrubber dryers and high-speed burnishing machines is needed to clean, strip and polish.

The surfaces vary from smooth and easily maintainable to coarse safety floors with anti-slip properties for use in wet environments.

Why do you need polish for Vinyl and Linoleum Floor?

Whilst such floor coverings are resilient underfoot, they become scratched and damaged and will wear out prematurely without protection. Adding layers of topical floor dressings such as high-quality floor polish can dramatically enhance the appearance of your floor and extend its working life. The floor polish becomes a sacrificial layer, which can be maintained.

How do we restore your floor?

To remove old, worn and soiled coatings beyond maintenance, we use a chemical stripping solution and floor stripping pads. A single disc machine is used to completely clean the floor. The floor is then thoroughly rinsed to remove left-over residues, and fresh new coats are applied to give your floor new life and make it easy to clean.

Periodic Maintenance

Once your floor has been deep cleaned and restored with a polish treatment, a periodic floor maintenance programme will keep the look of your floor at the desired level and the surface protection remains intact so the wear on your floor is reduced to a minimum.

Benefits of our Finish

  • The Floor becomes glossy and looks much better
  • The floor becomes easy to care
  • The finish provides gloss which is durable and has anti skid properties.

The Difference

Linoleum is created from Linseed oil, while vinyl is completely synthetic. Both are resilient materials, that can be used for flooring. Vinyl is created as man-made products using ingredients such as petroleum, chlorine and other resources. Linoleum on the other hand is made of linseed oil, which is a rich extract of flax seeds, this is mixed with natural materials such as wood flour, cork dust & rosin- a natural binding agent in making linoleum floors.

Why are these two so popular?

Something beneficial about Linoleum

  1. Linoleum is a completely natural & biodegradable product
  2. Can be maintained fairly easily
  3. It is a tough and resilient product
  4. Gives a natural colouring under light exposure
  5. It is scratch-proof

Something beneficial about Vinyl

  1. Vinyl is durable & water resistant
  2. Comfortable for the feet & reduces noise
  3. It is easy to install & maintain
  4. Can select from a wide range of colours to match various decorations
  5. Low maintenance, Durable & Inexpensive
  6. Stain Resistant

Keeping your Linoleum Fresh and Shiny

Linoleum tends to lose its lustre over-time & creates a dull-appearance as, sometimes dirt does not come out by regular mopping. We need to do more to protect your floor from dirt, moisture and more. Refrain your floor from getting wet, machine scrubbing or stripping after a week of installation.

  1. Get a reliable and sparkling linoleum floor by sweeping or vacuum
  2. Use linoleum friendly floor cleaners
  3. Mop with a light wash
  4. Keep the floor dry
  5. After the floor dries up, you need to use 2-3 coats of commercial floor polish
  6. Apply the polish on a selected area and let it dry for more than half an hour
  7. Apply the final coat and let it dry for at least 45- 60 minutes
  8. If your floor does not produce the required shine, then stripping has to be carried out for the floor to look new again

Do’s & Don’t while polishing the floor

Do wear protective gear like gloves on your hands and keep the premises ventilated while using ammonia

Also wear safety glasses so that ammonia does not hurt your eyes

Regular Cleaning

  • Vacuum or sweep your linoleum floors to prevent dust and dirt to settle
  • Rinse the floor with a dry cloth, towel or steam mop to remove soap residue

Now let’s get to some Vinyl Polishing

  • Vinyl is quite resilient to keep dust and dirt away, but it still needs to be polished for greater durability and renewal.
  • A detergent solution is required to mop the vinyl floor, make sure you use a mild detergent mixed with water, this prevents residue to remain on the floor
  • Using a vinyl floor cleaning solution keeps the shine longer for beautiful appearance
  • Mop the floor with a good mop and do not use a dirty sponge to dry the floors
  • Some of the stains that can be removed are oil, lemon stains, vinegar, ink, marker stains, & more
  • We can remove rust with anti-rust sponge and remove it water.


Linoleum and Vinyl will be a popular flooring choice for residential and commercial properties in the future, but to keep the floor sparkling clean, it needs to be polished on a regular basis. Use good quality detergents or chemicals that are not harsh on these products.

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