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Housekeeping Services for NRI's, Villa, Apartments etc.

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NRI’s always look for the quality housekeeping services to keep their apartments or villa neat & clean, even if they are not in town. We are the best provider for housekeeping services in Gurgaon.

Arrow Solution understands the need of its clients and works exactly on the specific requirements that the clients have. It is a one-stop solution for all your domestic as well as commercial cleaning needs. Our clients are happy with us because we provide top class cleaning services that take less time but efficient and it is assured that there won’t be any dirt or dust left on your couch or floor. We are efficient as we take care of every nooks and corner of your house and clean every particle of dust from there. We know you have valuable items spread over your house; we take utmost care when cleaning so that nothing is damaged.

Our professionals and staffs can be relied upon. We carry thorough verification and background check for every staff we have so that you don’t have to worry when you leave the house to them for cleaning.

Our prices are very competitive that makes our clients happier. You can avail the best services at affordable prices as our staffs have the expertise and required skills for the cleaning job.

Why Us?

You can rely on us because:

  • We provide thorough cleaning service that covers all the places of your home and office.
  • We save time as you don’t have to clean every nooks and corner on daily basis. We even do the job within a specific time that again saves your time of the day of service. It hardly takes around 2-3 hours for completely cleaning your residential or commercial space.
  • Our services come at reasonable prices.
  • We use modern day tool to clean different places of your house.
  • We have experts working with us who have experience of many years in this job.
  • We understand and value your timings and schedules and accordingly plan the cleaning service.
  • We have specific cleaning process for different parts of your home or commercial space.
  • We have an array of services from which you can choose the one you require like you can avail carpet cleaning, dusting, washing of tiles and so on so forth.
  • We make sure that after the cleaning is over, your home or office is free of dust, germs, allergens etc.
  • Our staffs are selected after proper screening and background check to provide you the most reliable services.
  • You can book the service over a call and within few hours our staffs will be at your place.
  • You might also book the services for special occasion and events.

Types of contract

  • Monthly Contract: You can choose monthly cleaning services under which, every month on a specific date as per your choice, our staffs will visit your home or office to clean the whole space. You will have to pay on monthly basis after the completion of the service in that particular month.
  • One time contract: If you want professional cleaning services during specific events and occasions or while you are shifting to a new home etc, you can avail the one time contract. We will send cleaning staffs within a particular time frame and you will get your service done within the day.

Types of Organisations & Residences for Which Housekeeping Services Are Helpful

Housekeeping services are always helpful for every type of apartment and commercial floors. Our services mainly aim at:

  • Residential Buildings: In residential apartments and houses, we provide cleaning services for floors, carpets, doors and window, kitchen, garage, cupboards and shelf, toilets etc.
  • Commercial Buildings: Commercial floor, offices need regular cleaning. We provide services like cleaning the desks, floor, carpet, shelf, washrooms and restrooms.
  • Villas and Farm Houses: People who have farm houses away from the main city often need cleaning services when they visit the place for holidays or vacation. We provide thorough cleaning of the villas and farm houses on such occasion.
  • NRI’s Residential property: People who are living abroad and have residential houses in their homeland, we provide cleaning services when they are about to arrive or maybe for some other occasion.

What do we where?

  • Bedrooms: We provide cleaning services for the flooring, cupboards, shelf, dressing table, beds wardrobes etc. Dusting is the main process that is required in a bedroom as mostly these above mentioned places get covered with dust if not cleaned on regular basis.
  • Kitchen: We take care of each of the corners of your kitchen and dispose of all the waste particle hat have been accumulated in the sink, pipes, gas oven shelf etc.
  • Washroom/Toilets: We thoroughly clean every part of your toilet so that no germs and dirt particles are left over. We use cleaning sprays to remove the stains and dirt for the tiles of the washroom and other places.
  • Commercial building: As it is used by many people on daily basis, thorough cleaning is mandatory. We use various tools for wet mopping, sanitization of the restrooms and toilets, for cleaning the walls and the floors. We remove and dispose of the waste material from various places so that there is no blockage etc.

How does this service help?

Our services are helpful for all of them who cannot stand dirt and dust particle in their home and offices. As most of the people are doing either full-time job or busy in other activities, our services provide them the chance to relax when we clean their space. Our services aim at efficient cleaning so that you don’t have any of your kitchens sink blocked nor water logging in your toilet. Housekeeping is mandatory for a healthier lifestyle and it must be done regularly and with professional services, it is more effective and efficient and time-saving.

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