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Best Floor Cleaning/Polishing, Marble Cleaning/Polishing, Tiles Cleaning and Granite Polishing service in Gurgaon


Floor Polishing

20 per sqft.

Floor Polishing (with Advanced Machine)

40 per sqft.

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Granite Floor Polishing/ Cleaning

Tiles Floor Cleaning

Best quality diamond polishing for Marble and granite floor

We offer best quality marble floor polishing services for both residential and commercial premises. We specialise in diamond polishing of floor. My team works quickly and efficiently giving a high gloss to marble floor. We assure you that your walls will not get dirtied during the floor polishing process.

The market is full of many companies offering multiple products, each promising good quality finish. It takes an experienced company to differentiate between the various offerings and present the best one to the client.

Our elite floor polishing services follows the below process:

  • Starting with floor grinding to eliminate lippage
  • Thoroughly filling of ugly joints and cracks
  • Special treatment of soft marble to boost hardness for desired retention of brightness
  • Honing of floor to make it smooth
  • Making the floor progressively smooth by using high-quality diamond polishing pads.
  • To further improve gloss, we have a variety of means like crystallization with nobile or KP92 or polishing with KP85.
  • Gloss can be further enhanced with recrystallisation process or vitrification process using crystallux or terranova
  • In order to make floor stains-resistant, we offer floor sealing using the best quality sealers
  • And finally floor buffing

Most of the companies offering these services do not have the needed machinery for proper polishing. A quality floor polishing machine must be of at least 80 kilograms weight to provide proper grinding. We at Arrow Solutions use advanced machine called Levighetor 645 imported from an Italian firm called Klindex – a pioneer in high quality floor polishing. It is a 4hp device that weighs about 80kgs with the option of increasing the weight to 120 kgs. Since it is incorporated with a unique planetary attachment, this device has a speed of about six times higher than usual disc device. In concise, with the help of this advanced machine, desired work can be accomplished at swift speed with unmatched quality.

Why you should hire the floor polishing company directly.

Did your floor lose its shine in a few months? The reason behind this could be that the job was given to a vendor who quoted the lowest price and not to a company best equipped to execute it. Many clients offer the floor polishing job to interior designing companies that claim to offer high-quality of floor polishing at cheap prices. The interior designers do not own the polishing machines or have the polishing teams on their rolls. They deduct their profit and subcontract the job at lower price to another contractor. Finally the person who is doing the job is actually doing it at a very low price without any surety of getting even that payment. So, he uses poor quality polishing pads and polishing chemicals. Even after paying decent amount of money, the client gets cheap quality work. In many cases, the subcontractor uses harmful oxalic acid for floor polishing. This acid results in good shine but if it is not thoroughly neutralized, it gets reactivated each time the floor is wet. This results in damage to the marble and reduces its shine rapidly. To get good quality work done, contact us directly so that we can offer you high quality services at competitive rates.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Almost all old mosaic floors in gurgaon have a coating of wax. So, for clients who want to get a quick clean and shine on their old mosaic floor, we provide scrubbing, stripping and waxing service. For an empty house of 3 bedrooms, it takes just a day to get a clean and shiny floor.

Tiles Cleaning

Tiled floor must be scrubbed periodically to eliminate the unnecessary dirt and grime. When searching for tiles polishing in Gurgaon, choose the best company. Our process of tiles polishing and cleaning is swift and of course acid-free. Remember, while determining tiles cleaning in Gurgaon, you can rest assured that we offer quality services with most reasonable charges.

Cleaning of Marble Floors

If your require just floor cleaning service, you do not need to worry. You can hire us, a floor polishing company that knows what is the best way to clean your floor without any damage. We offer marble cleaning services in Delhi/NCR, Granite cleaning services, kota cleaning service or any other stone cleaning service in Delhi and gurgaon. If the floor is still smooth and has some shine, our scubbing service can help improve the look of the floor by removing the layer of dirt that may have built up on the floor. We use the combination of advanced machines, chemicals and other materials to offer you durable but cost-effective floor marble cleaning services in Gurgaon. Beware of the companies that use acidic substances to clean stone floors. We often get calls from clients whose marble floor has been washed with harpic or other acid by maids or untrained companies. Such floors cannot be restored by cleaning or scrubbing but require expensive polishing. When you hire Arrow Solutions, rest assured that we will be using expensive but marble safe chemicals to clean your marble without any damage to the floor.

Polishing and Cleaning of Granite Floors

Granite floors are quite durable as compared to marble floors and retain their shine for a long time. This is because granite is harder than marble. This is also why polishing a granite floor is so difficult. The harder stone needs special polishing pads and equipment which most marble polishing companies lack. We offer granite polishing in Gurgaon and granite cleaning in Gurgaon?

Dirt can be removed by our floor scrubbing service. Removing scratches need special skills. Polishing of granite floors with waxes is not a good solution. A full restoration to factory finish can be provided by grinding and polishing of the granite floor.

We at Arrow Solutions have a needed expertise as well as equipments to polish any type of granite effectively. Normally granite floor polishing is really slow, but our advanced equipment and machinery enables us to polish any type of granite floor swiftly. Further, with the help of higher weight of polishing devices and imported polishing pads, we make granite shine to factory finish quality. We have provided such service to many clients like Colombia Asia Hospital in Palam Vihar.

Concrete Floor Polishing and Cleaning

The latest trend in contemporary flooring is the use of polished concrete. Apart from being environment-friendly, polished concrete floors are slip resistant, easy to maintain, dirt resistant, and of course highly durable. Our high-end floor polishing machinery and methods enable grinding of hard concrete floor surfaces, irrespective of old or new, to an illuminating looks that doesn’t require coatings or waxes. These types of floors could be both practical and decorative. Many warehouse, office facilities, and retail are going with polished concrete option especially to replace usual coated concrete, linoleum, tile, granite, and of course marble. Most of contemporary architects suggest concrete flooring for home spaces because of its special properties such as soft or high-gloss finish that can be stained to depict the appearance of a polished stone. Since polishing is a multilayer process, you may select the level of gleam from simple satin to high-gloss as per your aesthetic and maintenance needs. Therefore, the versatility of polished concrete makes it the best flooring material available in the global market.

Cleaning of Factory Floors

  • We offer cleaning solution for office and factory floors.
  • We have great experience and expertise in managing big tasks such as cleaning and scrubbing of one lakh square feet tiled floor or Kota or mosaic.
  • Further, we take pride in handling specialized tasks such as degreasing of mosaic and concrete floors of working places. It is the most suitable option for factories. It decreases chances of unwanted accidents for employees and enhances work atmosphere.
  • We have several single disc machines as well as vacuums, thus we are capable of handling big tasks effectively.
  • Apart from aforementioned solutions, we also offer grouting as well as cleaning solutions for tiled floors whether commercial or residential. We have recently completed the new office building of EIL in gurgaon.

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